DIY Pulse Oximeter

Newly, I have also developed the pulse oximeter using the Raspberry Pi Pico.
新たに、Raspberry Pi Picoを使ったパルスオキシメーターも開発しました。

Taking a turn for the worse of Covid-19 can be detected by the PulseOximeter.
Due to the World wide crisis, most of necessities are out of stock.
PulseOximeter is no exception.
Therefore, I developed the PulseOximeter which can be made with cheap and general parts and 3D printer.


Video List
1. Introduction
2. General Pulse Oximeter Principles
3. Circuit Operation
4. Program explanation
5. Assembling Probe
6. Assembling Controller

1. イントロダクション
2. 一般的なパルスオキシメーターの動作原理
3. 自作パルスオキシメーターの回路動作
4. 自作パルスオキシメーターのプログラム解説
5. プローブ組立
6. コントローラー組立

Download List Probe STL files Case STL files
Schematic_Rev4_1.pdf Schematic
PartsList_Rev4_2.pdf Parts List Main board gerber files which can mount Arduino Nano Main board gerber files which can't mount Arduino Nano Probe board gerber files
POM_v0_1_1.ino Pupse Oximeter basic program

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