Bash Create transparent GIF animetion.
kicad2elecrow Change gerber extension. Generate Parts List from kicad net file (*.net). HDMI I2C Script.

ramen_timer.ino Ramen timer
puipui.ino モルモットのPUIPUI
puipui_intro.ino モルカーのイントロ + PUIPUI
tester_analysis_1.ino Check Tester Signals
tester_analysis_2.ino Flash Tester LCD
tester_analysis_final.ino Capture LCD Value
r_enc1.ino Test Rotary Encoder Push SW
r_enc2.ino Read Rotary Encoder AB
r_enc3.ino Get Encoder Rotation with Phase
r_enc4.ino Get Encoder Rotation with Click
r_enc5.ino Rotary Encoder Shortest code ever
r_enc6.ino Control LED brightness with Rotary Encoder